Valentina Salsa Picante


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Valentina Extra Hot Sauce: We are going to present one of the most delicious and spicy mexicana sauces to make your food more hot and tasty. It will be like a chili and hot sauce on your table to change your taste.

Mexican Sauce: Valentina Salsa is one of the best Mexican sauces to provide real spice flavor to your bread, burger and other foods. It will be a great choice to eat and use among Mexican series of sauces with 34oz weight.

Natural & Fresh Ingredients: This all-Mexican sauce is made with natural ingredients to maintain the real taste of chili peppers.

Special Gift Idea: It will be an amazing gift for the spicy food lover and all those who want to enjoy the taste of chile at the same time. So, you can offer Valentino Salsa as gift to your friends and family members to make their breakfast, lunch and other foods more memorable.

34oz Bottle: The bottle of salsa picante comes with 34oz (963g) as a family pack for every member in your house.


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