17-4 HT SS Pocket Cup S (1.355″)

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17-4 Stainless steel radial cup heat treated in 1.355" OD. Each skirted cup is designed to seat directly over the next to allow for easy stacking. These radials make for perfect decorative cups for condiments and spirits.

Skirt length is .500"

Face is .440"

O/A height is 1.09

Weight is 22g

Thickness throughout is .040"

*Product is meant for display only and has not been inspected or approved by the FDA for actual food storage*

**In-stock items purchased with back-order items will ship when back orders are fulfilled.**

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Weight22 g

9 reviews for 17-4 HT SS Pocket Cup S (1.355″)

  1. Justice (verified owner)

    High quality machining and great design make these very very nice! All you need is one of these and 2 girls and you’re good to go!!!

  2. Ethan N (verified owner)

    I bought a couple of these and I was told that I needed the short ones. Turns out, even they were too long for me, guess I need a custom micro fit for my size of tip. I guess someone could even stack a few together to help make em work if you have one of them gifted shlongs. Works as advertized!

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    Excellent quality cups and customer service, I ordered 4 of these and received 4 different by mistake. Not only were the correct cups overnighted but I got to keep the mistake. So now I have to buy more sauce!

  4. Side-walk sissy (verified owner)

    These cups are bad to the bone. Suaceco cups make the terrible raising canes sauce taste like sweet jeezuz juice. Can’t wait to try the limited time run of purple helmets that got a lil spicy. My leaking yogurt slinger could use some well done, over cooked, heat treated cups to hold back the drip… Keep making these dope products and you know I’ll be back.

  5. William Harzj

    I learned long ago when I became passionate about wine, coffee and eventually spirits that the glass, porcelain or ceramic matters. The thinness, the material, the way it tastes is affected by various factors.
    Thus I buy thin wine glasses with higher durability ratings.

    My invited my former colleague over for a “blended whiskey flight” night (we had been talking about it forever during the pandemic). Since we were conducting it at my condo’s pool, glass was not an option. Thus, I started sniffing around since the date was only a few days out. I came across this and I “made the right call”.

    They appear well made, are pretty appealing to the eye. I like the thinness they have (as I mentioned earlier — it matters). I did a flight of 5 different blends throwing him a curve ball by including additions of peanut butter whiskey and splashes of organic dark maple syrup to another. Truth-be-told, I am on a budget and just in the infancy stages of getting into whiskey, but he’s on a budget too so he appreciated and enjoyed the mystique of the blind tasting.

    As expected, the bourbons were our favorites with the rye taking #2 and the blended 35 year-old Crown Royal taking last place. I am glad I found these because they definitely improved the drinking experience versus a plastic cup.

  6. D.L.

    These easily handled my spiciest sauces! 💯 would recommend over my Latina ex-wife!

  7. Brad

    My farts were way too loud especially at dinner with the wife, popped one of these girls in there and a can of ferbreeze and it was like seal team six operation on osama bin laden’s toilet. Not a trace left behind.

  8. R.D. (verified owner)

    Ordered this by mistake. Thought it was a buttplug. Gave it a try anyways, but it’s way too noisy. Makes a metal clanking sound when I walk. Crasftmanship is great though, and shipping was fast

  9. Jonathan

    My kids were making god awful messes everywhere with dipping sauce till I happened upon these.

    Works with just about any dipping sauce and cleans up well. Dish washer safe.

    I’ve attached magnets on the bottom so I can stick them to my fridge for a quick dip sauce snack

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