17-4 Dipping Cup

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17-4 Stainless steel cup heat treated with an OD of 1.355". These make for perfect decorative cups for condiments and spirits.

Skirt length is .500"

Top is .400"

O/A height is 1.245

Skirt thickness is .030" while the upper portion is .040"

*In stock items typically ship same day*

*Cup batches are produced every month so fulfillment of back orders is typically 4 - 6 weeks*

*Product is meant for display only and has not been inspected or approved by the FDA for actual food storage*


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Weight 22 g

7 reviews for 17-4 Dipping Cup

  1. Zach Dutton (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and finish. As previously mentioned, all the listed specification were spot on when I measured mine across a fair sized order. They stack very well and I’m confident these will perform well. The customer service was awesome too, they worked with me on adding more cups to an order before it shipped. Will absolutely do more business with them in the future.

  2. Joseph Colony (verified owner)

    If you’re in search of some sauce cups for your nuggies, strips, fingers, sticks, or even your wieners (no judgement), then look absolutely no further because these are the cups for you. 4 out of 5 ladies (if you can call them that..) agree, these hold an ample amount of “sauce”. As a wise Asian lady in a gas station on a movie which remains to be named once said, HURRY UP AND BUY!

  3. Zach (verified owner)

    Before buying these sauce cups, I was spilling sauce everywhere. All my delicious spicy sauces would just leak all over the place. Thanks to SauceCo, I haven’t spilled a drop since! Snag yourself some and you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Tony Fontecchio (verified owner)

    Awesome quality and much lighter than I anticipated. I got them heat treated and while laying on our table my wife walked by and said they look pretty. I quickly corrected her in saying that they are Bad Ass, not pretty. She than said that they’re Pretty Bad Ass, I agreed. So will you.

  5. R.D. (verified owner)

    Ordered this by mistake. Thought it was a buttplug. Gave it a try anyways, but it’s way too noisy. Makes a metal clanking sound when I walk. Crasftmanship is great though, and shipping was fast

  6. Justin

    These cups perform better than joe Biden pulling out…of Afghanistan!

  7. John

    My wife is a wedding planner and was at something of a loss when a client was interested in a themed wedding for someone who was both a Steampunk and chicken nugget enthusiast. I told her I knew just where to go to find the solution to her problem. The client was amazed and left in total silence.

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