7075 Aluminum Sauce Cup (1.355″)

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7075 Aluminum radial cup in 1.355″ OD. Each skirted cup is designed to seat directly over the next to allow for easy stacking. These radials make for perfect decorative cups for condiments and spirits.

Skirt length is .500″

Face is .450″

O/A height is 1.140

Weight is 9g

Thickness throughout is .040″

*Product is meant for display only and has not been inspected or approved by the FDA for actual food storage*

**In-stock items purchased with back-order items will ship when back orders are fulfilled.**

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Weight8 g

4 reviews for 7075 Aluminum Sauce Cup (1.355″)

  1. Andrew M.

    Excellent quality cups and customer service, I ordered 4 pocket radials but received 4 of these by mistake. I got to keep these in addition to my pocket cups. Super light, perfect radials, now I just gotta buy more sauce!

  2. William Harzj

    This cup fits appox. 1 shot of Black label whiskey. Best used chilled in the freezer for 30 mins. May leak if modified from original design.

  3. R.D. (verified owner)

    Ordered this by mistake. Thought it was a condom. Quality looks great though.

  4. R.D. (verified owner)

    I left great reviews, but you deleted them. Nevertheless, I’ll still come to you for all my metal cup needs. Even though you hurt me. Your products are great. You big meanie!

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